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Nuevos Tutoriales en Macromedia Developer Center (EN).

-- Dissecting the Halo Template File
Modify and customize the prebuilt Halo page design that ships with Dreamweaver MX 2004.

-- Setting Up Client-Based Analytics in a Flex Application
Get metrics from your RIA with JavaScript and a cookie-based analytics tool, such as Omniture, NetIQ, or WebSideStory.

-- Using Web Photo Album Extension for Dreamweaver
Customize the appearance of the photo album you created in part one of this article series.
Part 1: Using the Web Photo Album Extension
Part 2: How to Modify the (Finished) Web Photo Album Using CSS

-- Drawing in Flash: A Beginner's Introduction to the Flash MX 2004 Drawing Tools
Take a guided tour through the Flash Tools panel as you draw a simple illustration.

-- Creating a Custom Contribute Publishing Service
Learn how you can extend the functionality of the Contribute Publishing Services.

-- Creating Events Using the EventDispatcher Class
Handle Flash events more efficiently in your code by using the event listener object model.

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